December Newsletter

Hi all,


It has been a busy past few months. In October I made a super cool tiger sticker inspired by a good friend and I just put up a new notecard design. Check them out in my shop!

At the moment I’m taking a hiatus from sticker making to focus on commissions. (You can check some out in my gallery and contact me to place an order here.)


Lately I’ve been experimenting with pencil, gouache and watercolors in a new 9×12 sketchbook. I’ve never had one so big before and it is quite fun! Furthermore, as I’m working on many commissions, I see myself improving every day and I am glad because that is what this business is for: enhancing my art skills, honing in on my style, and of course sharing my creativity with others. Thank you!

This year has been very interesting indeed but it has also gone by incredibly fast. Aside from Nat’s Art, today marks the end of the semester; half of my senior year is now over (wow!). College applications are in and now all that’s left to do for me is wait… Hopefully next semester I’ll have more time to make more art. I take school seriously and must devote time to studying, but art truly brings me happiness as well.

I really hope everyone loves their holiday commissions and celebrations!


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